What can I say about me? I just want to write about and know EVERYTHING. There. I’m an international woman of mystery.

…Alright, alright, a real bio.

Born and raised in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, I suppose you could say I’m your typical Canadian type… except I’m terrible at skating and fishing, and don’t pronounce “about” as “a-boot”. But I do apologize to strangers when they bump into me, so I suppose I still qualify.

Quite seriously though, I really do want to learn just about anything and everything I can manage. And that is probably why I started writing, and continue to do so today: writing has long been the best way I know to shine a light on what interests me, and then keep on digging deeper.

Of everything I’ve thought of becoming or tried to be in the past (geologist… artist… pilot… electrician… aircraft mechanic… publisher… editor… graceful…), this is the only thing I could say with absolute certainty that I am. I am a writer, through and through.