So this is WordPress… Huh.

Well hello. Come here often? …First time? Yeah, me too. Nice place so far, but kind of drafty around this domain in particular. A notable lack of posts. Some ramshackle, bare-bones formatting, a few pictures. Not a bad start, but could use a bit more TLC on the trimmings. Hence the blog.

This here, as my first blogging effort in many many moons, is the beginning of my long overdue effort to spice up my writing life and get a bit more social, and be a bit less like a hermit writing on a cave wall somewhere with burlap sack shoes and a prevailing and somewhat inexplicable scorn for any technology more complicated than rubbing two sticks together to make fire.

If you’re reading this, that means you either have extraordinary empathy for yet another writer looking to strike out into the world properly, or you’ve stumbled here by accident in a flurry of Googling missteps, or perhaps you were somewhere elsewhere reeled in by my charm and wit and dazzling wordsmithery… or something equally as odd and inexplicable. Whatever the cause, welcome! Feel free to stay a while (or subscribe to have me ping blog posts to you later if you have a real life to get to, or left something in the oven, or have a pressing Netflix binge that can be put off no longer).

In these parts, you’ll be able to peruse what will be my ongoing collection of posts on the day-to-day realities of writing, cursing, querying, weeping, and occasionally celebrating as a writer working hard at making a wave or two in my otherwise comparatively simple life. There will also be plenty of articles shared from a wide range of experts far smarter than I, on any topic (writing or otherwise) that I find useful, entertaining, and/or cool as hell. Because if I’m going to continue to procrastinate on getting down to my various writings by endlessly reading others’ work anyway, I may as well share it here, and feel all helpful and informative and stuff.

If you’re sticking around, see you next time Stranger, and do feel free to indulge me with comments whenever you feel so inclined, because I won’t pretend my little Writer’s Ego doesn’t love that sort of thing. In the meantime, I’ll be here, freezing my butt off (because it’s northern-ish Canada, and it’s winter, and I don’t have the good sense or the means to migrate South for the winter with the freakin’ geese), and typing away.

Either way, cheers to you, to me, to cozy slippers to thaw out feet that are frozen from November until April, and to the promise of a hot drink to thaw out the rest.


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